Do I need Multimode or Monomode? Multimode fiber is suited to use in local area network (LAN) for short transmission distances. In this kind of fiber light rays are carried simultaneously through the waveguide. The bit rate can reach 10 Gbit/s for a transmission distance of...

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The Construction Products Regulation (CPR), EU Regulation No 305/2011, lays down the harmonized conditions for the market of construction products. As a regulation to be applied throughout the European Single Market, it refers to the harmonized standards of CENELEC EN50575: 2014 and EN50575: 2014 /...

CEO and brand manager of barpa

The demand for pre-assembled cables is increasing, and their versatility is one of the main reasons. At Higgs the personalization is one of our main focuses and it is possible to customize the products from the begin to the end according to your needs. In addition...

CEO and brand manager of barpa




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