5 Top Tips for Better Management in 2022

We hear, see and read a lot that the circumstances are harder, more demanding. It’s harder to create a company, information changes quickly, we need to adapt quicker, consumer change their habits, etc. It’s what we call a VUCA world – “Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity “. I won’t say anything else, it’s in fact something that is present in our daily life, to me the secret is how do we adapt. So, I will present 5 tips related to company management to have more success during this year 2022.

1. A simple Thank You message works

Of course, I could not start any other way. The employees are the key-piece to the success of the company. Like Simon Sinek says “Happy Employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders – in that order” and it is human to want to improve. If we have the right employee in the right place at the right moment for sure he will give his upper best of him in a daily basis and that’s why we must thank them for their effort and their fight for the project.

In addition, we all like to be valued and admired, so a simple thank you can be powerful and even magical. And it’s free.

2. Define the company’s purpose and live it intensely

Stop and find out the real purpose for which the company exists and what it wants to achieve?

There’s a story where a person walks along two others who are working, so he asks them what they’re doing? One of them answers that he is building a wall, but the other answers… We are building a Cathedral!

People like to be part of something bigger than themselves, that inspires them. That is why it is very important for the company to find out its purpose and live it intensely all the time. The purpose of barpa is: “Connecting humanity through telecoms crossing generations.”

This purpose has a special power over us and makes a tribe out of the whole team.

3. Share with the team the company’s goals and the path it wants to follow

After we all know the purpose and live it intensely, it is important to involve the whole team and for them to commit to the path the company wants to follow, preferably 3 to 5 years.

It will give clarity on the path and focus on what is really important for the company. And the team’s path will be made according to what is intended.

At barpa at the beginning of each year we bring the whole team together and share with them where we want to be in the near future.


4. Have relaxed moments throughout the year – Team Building

In order to be successful and have a High Performance team, relaxing moments are essential, also allowing us to get to know people beyond the professional scope. Here are some tips that we practice in our company:

• When we make a sales record, we all meet, have a snack and toast to the team’s achievement

• On all the company’s anniversaries (we turned 20 last September) we join the team and explore a city in Portugal with activities and have a team lunch

• There’s always a time a year when we make a sardine party and put on some music to dance!

5. Plan!

“If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail” – Benjamin Franklin

Planning for the future, the year and the quarter is essential to achieve results and thus consider that we have achieved success.

Defining the financial, sales and operational planning is something that will allow us not to deviate from our focus. It sounds simple and logical, but it is most often undervalued by entrepreneurs. If we don’t do this well, we get into day-to-day problems and spend the day putting out fires.


I hope this article inspires you for this year 2022.

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Rute Araújo
Rute Araújo

CEO at barpa

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