The most important steps to building a high-performance team

People and their importance within organizations

The business sector worldwide continues to grow and create new companies, startups, and new business niches every day. The main reason for this constant development of new companies is mostly due to the need for economic and financial development. We have to emphasize that something common in all these organizations is that they are created by people. People who, with more or less difficulty, had a dream and sought to find the most suitable way to provide answers and solutions to the most varied challenges and problems that are currently faced, as well as answers and solutions to challenges that the future will bring to the society we know today.

A large percentage of these companies that are born do not survive long and disappear. But there is a quantity that withstands difficulties, overcomes barriers, and manages to be successful. With their persistence, workforce, resilience, and belief, they remain and begin to gain structure. These companies that are truly successful needed to have leaders who were willing to take risks and who maintained their strength even in the most difficult moments. These companies need to move forward with strong teams that share identical visions; they need to create a more solid structure based on values that they believe in. To endure over time, and if the leaders’ vision is one of growth and evolution, they will have to plan, define their mission and purpose, follow a strategy, and create a strong, capable, developed, and fully committed team to the company’s purpose. In this way, evolution and growth will have no limits. This is to identify that people and teams continue to be the strong core within organizations. And it is these that will leverage the business and its development regardless of the sector of activity.


How sales teams are constituted in the business sector and what they need to be successful and optimize their results

Regarding the commercial area, which is the area where I have the most experience, it is identified as an area of ​​relevance and very significant impact for the success of organizations. Along with new information technologies, digitization, research and development, creativity, marketing, and management, sales teams are a critical issue within organizations, and it is necessary to understand how we should act with them to celebrate victories more and more.

Traditional sales teams are the ones that predominate in the current market for small and medium-sized companies. We need to develop the land and the seeds that we plant through people and the tools we make available to them. The training of teams in general and especially of sales teams is essential so that we can increase the skills and individual capacity of each element regarding the vision and the way we can manage some inputs of our subconscious and thus create a high-performance team.


Steps to creating a high-performance team

1st Step

One of the tools we can put into practice and that I identify as effective is NLP “Neuro-Linguistic Programming,” a revolutionary technology created in the USA. This is one of the tools that will train how to maximize team performance, increase productivity, and the ability to achieve. It is extremely important in training motivation, self-esteem, self-confidence, transforming beliefs, how to deal with fears, defining vision, mission, and values, and how to develop strong and valuable relationships.

2nd Step

The search to improve every day, the search for overcoming, will allow us to know how to get out of our comfort zone and conquer more and more. Whenever we leave our comfort zone, we are evolving and learning.

3rd Step

Learning and being available for it is fundamental for all teams, regardless of their experience.

4th Step

Changes are a constant that accompanies us throughout our professional and personal lives. The ability to adapt to these changes will be our greatest factor for success and differentiation. To be able to adapt to changes, we must be willing to constantly learn and be open to new ideas. High-performing teams are those that do not resist change and seek ways to adapt and succeed. They are able to equip themselves with tools and methodologies that will allow them to become leaders in their activities and in their lives.

5th Step

Preparing and transforming our team is something we should strive to do. We want to have the right people in the right positions and support our team members in becoming leaders. At that moment, the maximum that the team has achieved will be nothing compared to the maximum that they are on their way to achieving.

Supporting the transformation of people and creating new leaders is something that identified leaders in organizations should aim for with their teams.


What are the characteristics that we identify when we create a high-performing team?

When we achieve this, we will have a team that has an emotional commitment to the purpose of the company. We will be able to create a team that performs better than the norm, better than the competition, and better than similar teams. At that moment, we are building a high-performing team with enthusiasm, energy, commitment, and a competitive advantage that is difficult to copy. This team will feel constant motivation, discipline, and focus on performance that will not allow any member to weaken. This team will always strive to go the extra mile, and exceeding expectations will be a matter of honor.

Leadership in companies, clarity in objectives, sharing the vision and future project of the company, training, organization, implementation of internal processes for continuous improvement, the importance of planning, daily monitoring of results, and daily team conversations are all strong contributions to ensuring the success of companies and businesses.

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Pedro Bessa
Pedro Bessa

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