SC Adapter

barpa adapters have been designed to be compact and flexible making it suitable for the interconnection between optical fiber in optical patching panels. With dust protection caps included, the combination of a unique ferrule polishing and a precision metal or plastic housing provides a consistent mechanical and optical performance.

81410213010Adapter OM2 SC simplexSCOM2SimplexGrey24
81412023010Adapter OM2 SC duplexSCOM2DuplexGrey19
81411024030Adapter OM3 SC simplexSCOM3SimplexAqua24
81412024030Adapter OM3 SC duplexSCOM3DuplexAqua19
81411025060Adapter OM4 SC simplexSCOM4SimplexPurple24
81412025060Adapter OM4 SC duplexSCOM4DuplexPurple19
81411021040Adapter OS2 SC simplexSCOS2SimplexBlue24
81412021040Adapter OS2 SC duplexSCOS2DuplexBlue19
81412121040Adapter OS2 SC Duplex without FlangeSCOS2DuplexBlue20
81411011050Adapter OS2 SC/APC simplexSC/APCOS2SimplexGreen24
81412011050Adapter OS2 SC/APC duplexSC/APCOS2DuplexGreen19
81412131050Adapter OS2 SC/APC Duplex without FlangeSC/APCOS2DuplexGreen20
81411091050Adapter OS2 SC/APC simplex with CoverSC/APCOS2SimplexGreen48
81412091050Adapter OS2 SC/APC duplex with CoverSC/APCOS2DuplexGreen19
81411111050Adapter OS2 SC/APC simplex with Cover without FlangeSC/APCOS2DuplexGreen50
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