Pigtail OS2 G652D

barpa Singlemode Simplex Fiber Optic Pigtail provides a fast way to make factory terminations in the field, which can easily be fusion or mechanically spliced in a protective case to an existing fiber. Produced from the highest quality optical fiber using LSZH cable jacket, terminated with ceramic ferrule connector assuring a high transmission quality.

CodeDescriptionConnectorLength (m)Dimension (mm)Quantity (un)
81303101010Pigtail OS2 G652D STST1.5220x220x225200
81302101010Pigtail OS2 G652D SCSC1.5220x220x225200
81301101010Pigtail OS2 G652D SC/APCSC/APC1.5220x220x225200
81306101010Pigtail OS2 G652D FCFC1.5220x220x225200
81304101010Pigtail OS2 G652D LC/APCLC/APC1.5220x220x225200
81310701010Pigtail OS2 G652D b2000/APCB2000/APC1.5220x220x225200
81305101010Pigtail OS2 G652D LCLC1.5220x220x225200
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