multitube with corrugated steel – lszh double sheath

For indoor and/or outdoor installations. Mostly used in telecom trunk lines, CATV trunk lines. For direct burial and for cases of high risk of rodent attacks.

CodeNumber of fibersCategoryCPRType of packageQuantity (m)
8111120654848OM3Eca; DcaDrum2000
8111120664848OM4Eca; DcaDrum2000
8111120614848G652DEca; DcaDrum2000
8111120656060OM3Eca; DcaDrum2000
8111120666060OM4Eca; DcaDrum2000
8111120616060G652DEca; DcaDrum2000
8111120659696OM3Eca; DcaDrum2000
8111120669696OM4Eca; DcaDrum2000
8111120619696G652DEca; DcaDrum2000
811112065144144OM3Eca; DcaDrum1000
811112066144144OM4Eca; DcaDrum1000
811112061144144G652DEca; DcaDrum1000
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