Fiber Optic Patch Panel

barpa’s Fiber Optic Patch Panel is a standard 19’’ designed for simplicity without compromising on essential components. This panel is engineered for managing optical fiber terminations and splices, accommodating up to 48 or 96 fibers within just 1U of rack space. With a drawer design for easy access and adjustable in depth, this panel is available in black color.


Quantity (un)Dimensions (mm)Quantity (un)
81501010401Patch Panel for 24 SC Duplex or 24 LC Quadriplex48 or 96 fibers535x325x501550x275x3455
81501010402Patch Panel for 24 SC Simplex or 24 LC Duplex24 or 48 fibers535x325x501550x275x3455
81501010403Patch Panel for 24 ST24 fibers535x325x501550x275x3455
Fiber Optic Patch Panel – Datasheet
Fiber Optic Patch Panel – Declaration of Conformity
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