The Brand

We are barpa. We manufacture products for structured cablings, such as copper cabling systems, fiber optic systems, racks, and cabinets.

It’s our goal to provide cutting edge innovations while keeping our main focus on our customers by providing a high-quality service.

We want to make a difference in the future of communications.

We opened in 2016 and today, we are located in 17 countries, making us an internationally trusted supplier.

Our headquarters and distribution center is in Portugal, and we have production centers in Germany, China, and Slovakia. 100% of our products is made function proofs. Here the certification is very important for that reason we work with a lot of recognized labs like Force Technology, VDE, BASEC and 3P. We have management certification: SGS.

We are an experienced team with a young spirit, if you need our support we are here to support you.

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