Portimão .  Portugal

Leroy Merlin

Private Buildings

The building was equipped with a barpa structured cabling system, in order to allow the transmission of voice and data signals to all planned points.
The vertical distribution subsystem must follow a star topology. It constitutes the backbone of the structured cabling system, whose purpose is the interconnection of the Main Frame with the Secondary Frames. The fiber optic solution is based on 50/125 µm fiber optic cable category OM3, multimode type. Dielectric cables, where the fibers are arranged inside a tube (loose tube) filled with gel with a diameter of 2.8mm (2-24FO). Between the outer sheath of the cable with a diameter of 7.3mm and the loose tube we can find glass fibers that offer tensile strength and good mechanical protection, avoiding damage or rupture in the fibers.
The cables that were used in copper networks are S / FTP (Individual and Overall Shield), with 4 twisted pairs of conductors with Category 7 / Class F electrical performance. They support frequencies up to 600Mhz (tested up to 1000MHz). LSZH coating (low emission of toxic fumes and halogen free). Complies with the requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (RPC) Euro Class Cca-s1a, d1, a1. For sure this building as a robust solution that will allow the company to rely on the network to grow up the business.

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Access the exclusive e-commerce platform for customers.